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Do you know how to drink responsibly on a night out?

You and every other Texas resident likely have different definitions of what it means to have a good time. You may know people who enjoy staying at home in their comfy clothes watching TV, and you may know others who feel best when having a night out on the town until the late night (or early morning) hours.

Though you may fall somewhere in between, you are someone who consumes alcohol on occasion, especially if you are out with friends. Alcohol consumption may not be necessary in order for you to have a good time, but it could be for another friend. While you cannot control the actions of that friend, you can do your part to drink responsibly.

Is your immigration status in question due to an arrest?

As an immigrant, you have likely faced many difficulties in your life. You may have come to Texas after needing to flee a threat of harm in your country of origin, or you may have come in efforts to build a better life for yourself and your family for other reasons. No matter the reason, you likely found the process of coming to the United States a long and difficult one.

Now, you may face an even more difficult predicament because legal issues have put you at risk for deportation. Whether documented or undocumented, immigrants who are charged with a crime could face the possibility of removal, and you will certainly want to understand your options for handling your case.

Defending your rights amid historic changes to the USCMJ

On the first day of this year, a major update and reform of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) went into effect. All U.S. military personnel are now living by it and seeking just treatment under it.

Relatively few civilians know it happened and understanding of the changes even among the military ranks is no-doubt spotty. Some experts say this new UCMJ represents the biggest overhaul in its nearly 70-year history. To paraphrase an old car commercial, this is not your father’s UCMJ.

Law enforcement cracks down on opiates in Texas

There has been a significant amount of attention given to the nationwide opiate crisis. In 2017, Texas’ 5.1 opiate-related deaths per 100,000 people were significantly lower than the national average of 14.6 per 100,000 people. While Texas has a lower-than-average overdose rate, there is work to be done. Heroin-related deaths in Texas have doubled since 2007 and increased each year since 2013.

While Texas has a lower opiate overdose rate than the national average, law enforcement has continued cracking down on the trafficking of opiates like heroin. Federal officials arrested 43 people in Southeast Texas in effort to break up a suspected drug trafficking ring in March 2019. Law enforcement hopes that the arrest slows the distribution of illegal substances like heroin into Texas and into other states.

What to know about money laundering charges

Money laundering happens more than most people may realize. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes estimates about $2 trillion dollars is laundered annually worldwide.

Money laundering is a complex crime. It is rarely ever charged as a single crime. Money laundering occurs when someone tries to conceal the source of illegally acquired money by passing it through a legal business. Since the money was acquired illegally, another crime was committed to obtain these funds. People charged with money laundering may face charges for drug offenses, mail fraud or racketeering.

Do personal breathalyzers prevent DUIs?

People from all walks of life experience the affects of drunk driving. Some end up behind the wheel, while others are sitting in the passenger’s seat, or just driving by. Whatever the scenario is, driving while intoxicated is dangerous for everyone involved. For military members, the consequences of an arrest can be even steeper.

What to expect during a military investigation

Military investigations are long, grueling processes, especially for the service members involved. It may take months to conclude, and soldiers often suffer in silence during that period. Military personnel deserve to know their rights and the legalities that should be upheld during the investigation.


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