People from all walks of life experience the affects of drunk driving. Some end up behind the wheel, while others are sitting in the passenger’s seat, or just driving by. Whatever the scenario is, driving while intoxicated is dangerous for everyone involved. For military members, the consequences of an arrest can be even steeper.

In Texas, people are technically able to drink and drive. However, your blood alcohol level (BAC) needs to be under .08%. This is an easy percentage to go over after a few drinks. When you are ready to head home, you probably have no idea what your BAC is. In some cases, an officer will let you know with a quick breathalyzer test. At that point, you might land into trouble.

Do personal breathalyzers work?

Personal breathalyzers are extremely similar to those used by law enforcement. You can purchase the device online or at convenience stores. It can be carried in your pocket or kept in the glove compartment of your car. Sometimes the device can even connect to your smartphone through Bluetooth.

The idea of a personal breathalyzer is laced with good intentions. In a perfect world, a person would test their BAC after a night out. The device will let them know if they are safe to drive. If the BAC percentage is too high, then the person theoretically finds a ride home.

Unfortunately, the device is not always enough to keep someone from drunk driving. Additionally, a person can blow a low percentage and still be unfit to drive. At the end of the day, the best plan of action is to have a designated driver or use ride-sharing apps.