You and every other Texas resident likely have different definitions of what it means to have a good time. You may know people who enjoy staying at home in their comfy clothes watching TV, and you may know others who feel best when having a night out on the town until the late night (or early morning) hours.

Though you may fall somewhere in between, you are someone who consumes alcohol on occasion, especially if you are out with friends. Alcohol consumption may not be necessary in order for you to have a good time, but it could be for another friend. While you cannot control the actions of that friend, you can do your part to drink responsibly.

Have a responsible night

Being responsible does not mean that you are no fun. It simply means that you want to have a good time without putting yourself or others in danger or otherwise at risk of negative consequences. As a result, you may start being responsible by planning for the end of your night before you even go out. Appointing someone to act as your designated driver, pre-booking a cab or Uber, or planning to stay overnight where you are going can prevent you from having to drive after drinking.

If for some reason you do have to drive, you can help yourself stay safe by monitoring and pacing your alcohol consumption. If you already know how many drinks get you tipsy, you certainly want to keep your number of drinks well below that level. Of course, you may also want to keep in mind that your blood alcohol concentration level could be over the legal limit even if you do not feel intoxicated.

Things do not go as planned

Even if you do your part to drink responsibly, things do not always go as planned. For example, you may have only had a drink or two over the course of the evening and feel that you are perfectly able to drive. However, if an officer stops your vehicle, even for an unrelated violation, and suspects that you have been drinking, you could end up facing serious legal trouble.

In the event that you do get taken into custody for DUI, you should remember that you have criminal defense options. Your available options can depend on the exact details of your arrest, so it is wise to go over your situation with an experienced attorney.