Whether you are serving at Randolph Air Force Base, Lackland Air Force Base, Fort Sam Houston or Camp Bullis, your career in the military is naturally important to you. However, sometimes people in San Antonio make mistakes or bad decisions that could affect both their military life and their civilian life.

For example, if a urinalysis shows you had illegal drugs in your system, you could receive an other-than-honorable discharge. This can have serious consequences. For example, you could lose your Veterans Affairs and education benefits. If you are seeking a job with the federal government or civilian employment, an other-than-honorable discharge could lose you your veterans’ preference rights or protection against discrimination based on military service.

Seeking a discharge upgrade

However, all is not lost. If your other-than-honorable discharge was issued within the past 15 years, you can seek a discharge upgrade by appealing to the Discharge Review Board in your specific branch of the military. Some things to highlight in such an appeal include any meritorious services rendered, good evaluation scores and any civic involvement you engaged in. If you are able to obtain a character letter or personal statement, this can also be useful. Owning up to your mistake that lead to the discharge is also important.

Military law attorneys in San Antonio are here to help

All of this seems simple, but with the plethora of appeals made, it can help to have a military law attorney at your side. An attorney can compose the necessary legal memorandum and understands what arguments to make on your behalf. A discharge upgrade can significantly improve your military career as well as civilian career, so it is important to have the right help from the start.