Small Crimes Can Lead To Serious Immigration Issues

When you need help solving legal problems, you can depend on the bilingual professionals trained in the Dilley Law Office. Our team will always explain your rights, identify your options and explain the consequences of your decisions — all in understandable language and terminology.

We have a passion and focus on helping undocumented or lawful permanent residents in Texas. If you are not a citizen, but a small crime drew attention in the immigration courts — we can help. Some crimes, such as felonies, can get you deported right away.

There Is Help For Your Case

Attorney David E. Dilley fights for the human and civil rights of immigrant communities in San Antonio. Our team believes that every person, regardless of their origin, deserves the full protection of the law at all times.

We can assist clients facing issues with federal criminal charges or pending extradition or those who have been deported and returned to the states. We speak fluent Spanish and can serve as a guide to clients who do not speak English while facing the American legal system, which can be confusing and intimidating.

We also have experience helping international clients with extradition and whose assets have been tied up by the government through the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

Criminal Cases Will Influence Immigration

Under American immigration laws, a person can face deportation or be denied legal residence if convicted of a felony or an offense classified as a “moral problem.” The truth is that defining which crimes can lead to deportation is not easy. There are many complexities to each criminal law, and the immigration courts make a complete analysis of the issue.

In certain jurisdictions, a judge or prosecutor can fight hard to send the convicted person back to their country of origin. In other cases, the prosecutor may only be interested in a short-term punishment. A lawyer with experience in criminal and immigration law knows the strategies that work.

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